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The PLO General Secretariat Welcomes UNESCO Vote, Considers it a Prelude to Full UN Membership


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Palestine Liberation Organization
Executive Committee – General Secretariat
Press Release
31 October 2011
The PLO General Secretariat Welcomes UNESCO Vote, Considers it a Prelude to Full UN Membership
The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization welcomes the invaluable decision adopted by UNESCO to admit the State of Palestine as a full member of the Organization. The Executive Committee considers this overwhelming and historic vote a reflection of the will of the international community in vindicating the Palestinian people and enabling it to achieve its natural rights, including recognition of its independent state. 
Furthermore, the Executive Committee considers this decisive decision an important juncture that will pave the way to the recognition of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations, and not just a member of one of its important organizations.
In this regard, the Executive Committee expresses its deep gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming majority of member states that supported Palestine’s membership application to the UNESCO. The Committee further affirms that this great support reflects a principled international understanding of the Palestinian people’s aspirations and those of the peoples of the region. This support also reflects a deep understanding of the real and established requirements for international peace and justice.
Finally, the Executive Committee calls on the member states that did not vote in favor of Palestine’s membership to review their position. The Committee also calls on these states to accept that peace and security in the region can only be achieved by recognizing the State of Palestine on the land occupied in 1967 and admitting it as a full member at the United Nations.
Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization
General Secretariat

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