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Dr. Nabeel Shaath is on his way to Gaza

Palestine Liberation Organization
Negotiations Affairs Department
Press Release
November 18, 2012 
Dr. Nabeel Shaath is on his way to Gaza
After attending the meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Djibouti, as special envoy of Palestine, and the meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers in Cairo, senior PLO Official and member of Fatah Central Committee Dr. Nabeel Shaath is now on his way to Gaza. He is expected to arrive tonight through Rafah.
Dr. Shaath has been involved in the Palestinian efforts to gain statehood recognition and to achieve national reconciliation. Dr. Shaath has been instructed by President Mahmoud Abbas to join the ongoing efforts to prevent a ground invasion against Gaza, which will be his main task, through  coordination with Arab Foreign Ministers and his extensive contacts with politicians around the globe.
“What we are witnessing is a criminal attack against our besieged people in Gaza. It has nothing to do with security and a lot to do with denying our people their inalienable right to self-determination. Israeli attempts to stop our UN bid and deteriorate the situation on the ground will not stop our people on their path towards national unity, liberation and the quest for a just and lasting peace,” said Dr. Shaath, on his way to Gaza.

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